XCA - Cash Flow Analyzer

SAP certified

XCA - Cash Flow Analyzer

When did you pay how much for what items? How much was spent in the last year on production resources and tools, compared on a weekly basis? Are there any outliers and which vendors are affected by them? Which are the underlying documents?

These and other similar questions can be answered by the Xaption Cash Flow Analyzer (XCA).
This SAP add-on is capable, within a few seconds, of creating dedicated evaluations of accounting documents and displaying them in an ergonomically designed interface – without using BI (BW).
Excel integration and drill down to a single document are included in the functionality.
Customizing from the SAP liquidity calcula-tion is used and enhanced by a separate grouping. This enables customers who already use the liquidity calculation to access existing elements.
However, use of the SAP liquidity calculation is not essential.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizing for free grouping of G/L accounts
  • Current data from actual documents
  • No BI, no extractors required
  • Dialog application through best per-formance, thus always current data
  • Drill-down to single document 
  • Integration of Office applications
  • Background capability
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