XUM - Software Update Manager

Software Updates made easy - and with overview

XUM - Software Update Manager

Maintenance of software solutions on the customer side in the SAP context is often difficult and expensive.

Reasons for this are:

  • The provision of new software versions occurs at times that do not always fit into the project situation.
  • The supplier has to be able to decide himself when new software will be installed.
  • Delivery scopes often build on each other.
  • Delivery scopes are sometimes missed and skipped, so syntax errors occur during import because a previous version is still missing.
  • An overview of the available software versions is difficult to obtain.
  • The installation process itself is characterized by numerous manual steps.

In order to relax the topic, Xaption is offering to all of its customers the management software "Xaption Update Manager" (XUM) free of charge, with the help of which the entire monitoring and maintenance process can be automated and performed secure in one single transaction.

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