XVAT - VAT ID Check in SAP

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XVAT - VAT ID Check in SAP

The Federal Ministry of Finance has once again alluded to the obli-gation of German companies to verify the VAT ID, name and ad-dress of recipients of tax-free intra-Community supplies. This ap-plies both for deliveries of goods within the EU and for the supply of services.Presentation of a VAT ID that is valid and authorized in an EU member state at the time of the invoiced sale counts as the sole recognized basis for tax-free billing.If invoices have been issued incorrectly without VAT, the VAT from the supplier counts as owed.


Practical scenario

A domestic operator supplies EU goods to a foreign business part-ner within the EU. The recipient of the goods had originally provi-ded the domestic operator with a valid VAT ID, which, however, is no longer valid.When the VAT ID is entered in the standard SAP system, the sy-stem only checks formal correctness with regard to the validity of length, format, validation rules and check digit, but not the exi-stence of the number, nor is a qualified check even performed. The invalid VAT ID is thus accepted by the system and is shown on the export invoice, which is issued without VAT in compliance with SAP standards.After several years, the domestic operator is subject to a govern-ment tax audit. The invalidity of the VAT ID is ascertained, with the result that the operator has to pay the VAT to the tax authori-ties with interest, possibly also even risking criminal charges.


Solution in SAP

XVAT is a solution for performing an automatic and qualified check on the VAT ID and is completely integrated in the SAP processes.For all business transactions that require a check, such as order creation and billing, as well as in master data maintenance and in the posting of customer-related financial documents, XVAT per-forms a fully automated check in the background. This eliminates the considerable additional expenditure that a manual check would cause. XVAT uses the only procedure that is recognized by the German tax authorities for this purpose, from the Internet service of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BZSt.)XVAT is an SAP-certified add-on and can be installed easily in any SAP® ERP system from Release Enterprise 4.7 or higher.



  • Simple check
  • Check of VAT ID 1) 2)
  • Qualified check 
  • Check of VAT ID with name and address 1)
  • Confirmed check 
  • Check with requirement of official test certificate 1) in written form
  • Check by German company 1) 2)
  • Check by foreign company 2)
  • Check of foreign VAT ID 1) 2)
  • Check of German VAT ID 2)

    1) Via Federal Central Tax Office
    2) Via the European Commission
Fully integrated in:
  • SAP Master Data Maintenance (customers/vendors)
  • SAP Sales Document Processing
  • SAP Billing
  • SAP Delivery Creation
  • SAP Financial Accounting (customer documents)
Technical details:
  • Runs completely automatically in the background
  • RFC-capable
  • Release: every SAP® ERP system from Release Enterprise 4.7
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Can be easily integrated in any application
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