About the company

Xaption GmbH is an SAP service provider founded in 2003 by Elmar Schlecker & Frank Wolf.

Our approach is pragmatic and solution-oriented and we are known for a very prompt implementation.

Xaption (ɛksɛpšən) is both name and program of our company. X from "eXtreme programming" stands for pragmatic and solution-oriented prototyping.

Xap means "extended SAP", which means an enhancement of SAP with regard to customer-specific solutions. Our own SAP system is therefore also called XAP.

aption stands for "Adaption", i.e. adapting SAP to additional components, which we understand as add-ons and develop and sell as products. If you build these language elements together to a word, Xaption comes out of it.

Based on the English word "Exception", we would like to make clear our exceptional position compared to our competitors, because we are usually faster and better, in any case more pragmatic, but certainly always different.