XEMAIL - Email address check


  • checks e-mail addresses for deliverability without sending an e-mail
  • is integrated in the master data maintenance of
      • Debtors and creditors
      • Business partners and persons 
      • during operation with other processes for example SAP message control 
  • is cloud-based 
  • Logs check requests in database tables in your SAP system 
  • Positive test results have an adjustable validity period 


An SAP add-on for checking any e-mail addresses via the chk.email check service

XEMAIL is our first cloud-based inspection service that we have implemented in our new XCHK architecture.

Requirements: Connection of the XCHK Cloud Server via RFC destination with encrypted data transfer (HTTPS). 

XEMAIL comes with 5 enhancement implementations that automatically integrate XEMAIL into the central address management. Thus, if an e-mail address is entered or changed somewhere during master data or document maintenance, XEMAIL jumps to the e-mail address and carries out the check. All software components of XCHK and XEMAIL are located in the Xaption namespace and can therefore be easily imported into any SAP ERP landscape. 

The delivery takes place in the form of an e-mail with transport orders in which the current version number and a list of changes are recorded. The installation is carried out with the standard SAP tools. 


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