XAM - Attachment Manager


  • Sending, viewing and printing of technical documents as attachments to any SAP messages
  • Connection to standard SAP Message Control
  • Shipping also in the background
  • Generische Fileserver- oder Dokumentendatenbank-Anbindung
  • In dialogue: Printing of documents and graphics (also JPEG) together with the corresponding documents
  • Integration of the Windows display within the print preview (Acrobat Reader, image viewer, ...)
  • High acceptance through intuitive operation via the SAP and Windows standard functions
  • OO programming adaptable to your document management environment


XAM - Attachment Manager - Send e-mails with attachments directly from SAP

Often, in addition to the form, other documents are sent to the addressee as attachments, e.g. technical documents, photos, etc. In the SAP standard system, sending with attachment is not possible within Message Control. Also, the older SAPScript and Smart Forms printing solutions cannot output high-resolution images or other attachments.

The XAM Attachment Manager helps you close the gap. Triggered via message control, the application recognizes whether attachments exist for the message in question and adds them to the process. The output media "e-mail" and "printout" are supported here.

Document staging can be carried out in various ways, which are defined in Customizing:

  • Any document management system (e.g. image database)
  • SAP document master (incl. opt. archive)
  • SAP database
  • File server accessible from the frontend
  • File server accessible from backend

When you select the print preview in SAP, the corresponding viewers are automatically started with the documents. The documents found are first downloaded into a local temporary directory. The Windows print function is used for the print output.

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