XIPP - Internal Order Process


  • a fully integrated SAP add-on in the ERP system for the internal ordering process
  • Role-based
  • intuitive and easy handling
  • different approval levels
  • Multilingualism
  • automatic email notification
  • suitable for the most diverse requirements without software adaptations
  • Worklists instead of SAP workflow


An SAP add-on for the ordering process of non-productive materials and services

The internal ordering process deals with requirements of various non-productive scopes. These requirements are managed as a separate data object in XIPP. This is called an "internal purchase requisition" or "iBanf" for short, since it is automatically converted into a "real" requisition after the last approval stage.

XIPP consists of a single intelligent report that clearly displays the worklists.

Included in the worklist are

  • All requirements that the current user has made himself
  • All requirements in a process step for which the current user has the approval competence

When developing XIPP, the focus was on creating a flexible and simple tool for the internal ordering process. XIPP can be used for a wide range of requirements without software adjustments. The implementation was carried out using the proven Model-View-Controller paradigm in a very modular way, which significantly reduces maintenance efforts. 

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