XPRC - Production Cockpit


  • Access via sales orders, requirement plans or planned/production orders
  • Status selection (inclusion and exclusion)
  • Order and operation level
  • Sofortiger Fehlteil-Ausweis
  • Status overview
  • Extensive processing functions (conversion, date change, confirmation)
  • Switching options to numerous standard transactions
  • Integration of document display


Flexible entry options provide a meaningful overview of the current stock of planned and production orders. 

The XPRC - Production Cockpit enables the appropriate access to the current work lists for your employees in the control stations of production and assembly. They see the most important information for their daily work in the control center in an overview and can carry out numerous activities directly from there.

  • Switch to all important transactions
  • Display of assigned documents

The operation overview displays information about the status of the currently selected production order. Here, too, all important processing functions can be executed directly.

Already in the order overview you can see information about possible missing parts even on lower production levels, as well as parts that are not provided.  With one click the missing parts overview appears including the corresponding processing functions. Global information such as stocks and open requirements round of the comprehensive cockpit application.

The XPRC production cockpit thus becomes an efficient control centre for your entire production.

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