XPAM – Partner Cockpit


  • a fully integrated add-on in the ERP system to ensure master data maintenance
  • Role-based
  • Multilingualism 
  • Release mechanism with e-mail notifications
  • an absolutely flexible tool for the master data change process
  • suitable for the most diverse requirements without software adaptations
  • Worklists instead of SAP workflow


A SAP add-on for master data management of business partners (suppliers, ...) 

Master data of business partners, such as suppliers and customers, are important databases of a company, on which numerous processes are based. Incorrect business partner master data leads to incorrect processes.  

With regard to SOX, a complete documentation is useful. This should show who requested which change when and how it was released. 

XPAM consists of a single intelligent report that clearly displays the worklists of the change requests.

  • All change requests made by the current user himself
  • All change requests that are in one process step
  • All change requests for which the current user has approval competence 

The implementation was carried out using the proven Model-View-Controller paradigm in a very modular way, which significantly reduces maintenance efforts.

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