XRechnung - Create E-Invoices right from SAP


  • Automatic creation of electronic invoices right from SAP
  • Integrated with standard billing process
  • Format CIUS Extension XRechnung (EN 16931)
  • Legal certainty under the Growth Opportunities Act
  • Invoice receipt with automatic pre-entry of incoming invoice documents (MIRO)
  • Automatic storage of the PDF invoice and the XML file via archive link


An SAP add-on for the automatic generation of e-invoices in CIUS XRechnung format  

WIth the Growth Opportunities Act, which was promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette on 27.03.2024, electronic invoices (E-Rechnungen) will in future be issued in a structured electronic format that complies with the European invoicing standard EN16931 and enables electronic processing.

The Directive 2014/55/EU provides a framework, but leaves member states their own leeway for the legal, organizational and technical design of the introduction of electronic invoicing. Provided that the design of national standards does not contradict the requirements of the European directive and standard, each member state may develop its own standards. Electronic invoices that conform to the standards of a member state and therefore conform to the CEN standard can be received and processed throughout Europe without any problems - the standard is intended to ensure the interoperability of the systems. The national version of the CEN will also Core Invoice Usage Specification (CIUS). In Germany, the national CIUS is the standard XRechnung.

According to article 27 of the Growth Opportunities Act zur Änderung des Umsatzsteuergesetzes (UStG) erfüllt somit XRechnung die gesetzlichen Anforderungen an eine „elektronische Rechnung“.

Since January, 1st 2025 the e-invoicing obligation between companies will be gradually introduced in Germany. In concrete terms, this means that electronic invoices will become mandatory in Germany for companies of all sizes and sectors - invoices issued exclusively as PDFs will no longer be permitted!

The transitional provision (Section 27 (39) UStG) only concerns the issuing of invoices.

However, if the supplier has issued an e-invoice, the invoice recipient must receive and accept it in any case.

Xaption XRechnung is a software solution

  • For generating e-invoices in CIUS XRechnung format (XML file)
  • To manage and process incoming e-invoices

However, the cost factor of mandatory e-invoicing can also be a gain for the operational structure and process organization, as a fully integrated software solution can make the process of invoicing and, above all, checking and processing incoming invoices more ergonomic and faster.

Xaption XRechnung consists of 2 product versions, both of which can be purchased and used separately and independently of each other:

  • Xaption XRechnung – Create
  • Xaption XRechnung – Consume

The Xaption XRechnung:

  • Automatically generates emails with a corresponding text (multilingual customizable) in the billing process
  • The generated e-mails contain the readable invoice as a PDF and an XML attachment with the CIUS XRechnung.
  • When an invoice is received, the invoice is automatically pre-recorded and the attachments (XML + PDF) are assigned to the pre-recorded financial document and transferred to the invoice via SAP-Archive-Link filed.
  • The reference number(s) can be used to automatically determine the underlying orders and make them available for comparison.
  • In an ergonomic cockpit application, the XRechnungen received are compared with the orders and compared automatically.
  • Release proposals are generated directly if there is a 100% match.
  • A traffic light logic shows the degree of agreement.
  • Upon release, the parked document is posted as an incoming invoice, while the attachments are retained.

In this way, the semi-automated invoice verification is performed directly in SAP at low cost and without connecting external services.

The topic of data security and data protection is therefore managed internally within SAP with no additional risk factors.

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